Handy Links for Artists

Heres some links to some great acoustic based pages and handy music related links for you all to browse…

Any page wanting to be added to this list can forward there request to contact@westealflyers.co.uk

Acoustic Cafe Radio – Acoustic radio

A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast – The best acoustic podcast around by graham holland!!

AFCollective – Great acoustic based community with live radio station and you can create your own page to upload your music..Definately one to check out!!

AcousticAlternative – Acoustic Rock based online radio station.

EFolk – Great site for buying mp3’s which offers downloads from members and a radio promotion.

Gig Listings.co.uk – UK northeast gig listings.

Riffs Online – Great place for gig-listings and adverts for bands, equipment and pa.

Any links that arent working can you please contact us by email to advise.


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