About All Acoustic & We Steal Flyers

What is All Acoustic?

All acoustic was a little idea that popped into Derek n Shaggys heads while on Tour in a little hotel room in Yorkshire. They were in the midst of their 100 gigs in 100 days tour involving radio play and thought how great it would be to actually be able to offer somewhere for acoustic artists struggling to get airplay, a little home to play their music on a podcast show for the world to hear.

There is so much drab and uninspiring music been played on constant repeat within radio stations across the country that we came to the idea of how great it would be if we could create our own…. Thats where the podcast came into it.

So without being tied down to certain genres we decided that we would head down our favourite route of music. ACOUSTIC

We’ve met so many brilliant artists along our musical travels and the plan is to share those with you.

All Acoustic Podcast Show was born and the rest will hopefully be history!

Who are We Steal Flyers?

Derek and Shaggy combine to make Northumberlands own International touring Acoustic Duo. We both write music and play instruments and this is our life!

Music is all we have ever wanted to do and we are doing it in any way we can wether it be performing live, recording and releasing albums, promoting and booking up gigs and tours and now our own little podcast radio show to share the best of our finds.

We hope you enjoy our show and looking forward to seeing you somewhere along in life.

You can find out a lot more about We Steal Flyers @ www.westealflyers.co.uk